NTC launches 4G service on New Year 2017

After much rumors and anticipation, Nepal Telecom (NT) has finally launched its 4th generation (4G) service in Kathmandu and Pokhara today. After getting the license on October from Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), Nepal Telecom was into testing and installing the service.

Nepal Telecom

However, Nepal Telecom has informed that all of its customers might not be able to use this service on the very first day itself and might have to replace it with a newer 4G enabled-sim (Universal sim.i.e. U-sim). Furthermore, there are chances that iPhone users might not be able to use this service for the time being due to inability to synchronize its network with Apple devices that run on iOS.

With 4G/LTE( Long Term Evolution), Nepal Telecom attempts to provide users with better and swifter data services. Although, the highest speed is 30 Mbps, it may vary according to the location and distance from the base station.The speed is expected to be 10-15 Mbps initially. Nepal Telecom has currently installed 300 LTE base stations in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

To check whether your smartphone supports NT 4G:
Settings--Mobile Network--Mobile operators--Search Networks
If compatible, your handset will show Nepal Telecom 4G.

The service has been made available only to post-paid users and will be available for pre-paid users soon.
Activation for post-paid: Dial *444# to check sim and activate the 4G/LTE service.

Overall, 4G is an effort to provide its GSM mobile subscribers with the fastest mobile data connection with upto 5x faster speed than its 3G service. Although, it has been made available only in Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal Telecom plans to expand the service throughout the country in the near future.

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