Game Review: "The End of the World", the game for the broken-hearted

The end of the world is not an ordinary video game. Unlike other games on Android and iOS, this game focuses rather on a story narration which is controlled by the gamer itself by tapping left or right bottom  to move the character across the screen. At the first stage of the game, there occurs a state of confusion so as to what exactly is happening and why there are no rules, tricks and instructions to win the game like any other game would. But gradually as the story unfolds, the player is sure to get deeply attached to the emotions the developer Sean Wenham has tried to portray in this heart-breaking experience. In short, this 15 minute game is for the ones who have undergone a past relationship and are living with countless memories that still strike back and are keeping them from moving on.

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With its phenomenal graphics, soothing sounds, smooth animations and gameplay, one can surely feel how the character depicted is feeling after the loss of his loved one and how his life commences with beautiful flashbacks that are never bound to happen again. The lonely man moves to places where pressing the clock icon shows the glimpse of the past with which he is living in the present world, the world that has ended and fallen apart after the breakup.

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Overall, the game takes us into an exploration of a beautiful but a depressing state of mind where the character has to either let go or live with the past. The player can achieve various ending of the storyline based on the actions it takes. This game is a beautiful reminder that getting over someone is a slow and a painful process which involves numerous hardships but as "difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations", the end can turn out good as well.

   The End of the World- screenshot
Go through this overwhelming experience of "life after love" and choose for yourself on how you want to end this self-exploration game. Do let us know about your opinions on this video game in the comments section below.

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