Nokia XL in-depth review for Nepal

It has been a while since the release of Nokia’s new creation, the Nokia XL. The smart-phone is currently one of the most high-demanded phones in the Nepali market. Finally, we are here with the in-depth review of the phone, as per your requests.



The Nokia XL basically is a enhanced version of the Nokia X, with exactly the same proportions, lines and angles. The main differences are the addition of a flash on the rear panel and a camera on the front. The RAM is slightly higher in the Nokia XL. Also, the 3.5 mm headset socket is at the middle of the top rather than to one side, and the speaker aperture has evolved from a small patch to a long slit.

The built quality looks absolute tank. The finish is just as good as that of the higher end Nokia Lumia smartphones. No rough edges or cheap materials is seen anywhere.

Features / Specifications

The Nokia XL is built around Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play processor; a dual-core model that runs at 1 GHz. There's 768 MB of RAM; 256 MB improvement over the Nokia X. There's 4 GB of internal storage space, of which less than 2 GB is available to users. A micro-SD card can be inserted, and can be extended up to 32 GB.

The screen is measured to be 5 inches, which is an inch larger than that in the Nokia X. Sadly, the screen's resolution wasn't scaled up with its size, so it's still the same 800 X 480 grid. This works out to 186.6 pixels per inch.

The software is identical to that on the Nokia X. It may be Android, but it’s not Google approved Android.  The single back/home button is also same as in Nokia X. There are also no shortcuts and no dock for frequently used apps such as the phone dialer.


The Nokia XL performed better in than its predecessor did, which is probably because of the increase in the amount of RAM available. All other hardware is the same, so there isn't anything else we can attribute this result to.

The interface is definitely better than the Nokia X. Video playback was found pretty acceptable, along with fine audio quality.
The battery life of Nokia XL is pretty good; the 2000 mAh battery can take you through an entire day. 

Benchmark Tests

The phone was tested with some bench marking software such as the Quadrant benchmark and Antutu Benchmark, whose results are quiet alright. Here are few images of the tests.

Antutu Benchmark test Results
Quadrant Benchmark results


Nokia XL has a 5MP camera with LED flash on the back. The camera takes decent photos, with accurate color rendition and good contrast level. The auto-focus feature is surprisingly great, which increases the image quality. 2MP front camera is available for taking a selfie.

Price in Nepal

The current price of the Nokia XL in Nepal is only Rs.16,300. Get yours today at Pratex Enterprise.


Address : Mangalbazar, Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur, Nepal +977
Contact : 5541246/ 5539642/ 5529819


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