PhoneBlok : The modular handset [overview and updates]

We probably have had just more than a single mobile phone already. Nokia coming up with its android and Samsung with its new cellular giants every few months, we surely can't be expected to have owned a single mobile at the end of the day.

Phone Blok

With every phone we buy, another we dispose. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. We usually buy a new phone only because of malfunctioning of a single component of the phone. Let’s say your camera is broken, so what you do now is buy a new phone for a replacement of broken camera. Does that even sound morally legit? What if you could replace the camera only? In such case, you are looking for a cellular concept, called the PhoneBlok. A phone worth keeping; built on an open platform and built for the entire world.
phone blok block store

So, what's the big deal with a replaceable module? Actually, there are a lot. If you are a photographer; get a better camera module , a tourist; get a better battery module, a music lover; get a better speaker module. You get to choose what you want on your phone. The modulating possibilities are endless. You get what you wan't and what your changing lifestyle wants. Finally, a phone worth keeping.

Google is working on a project called the Project Ara, a project aimed to build a similarly conceptualized phone. Expected to land for low as just $50 in the market on 2015, the phone will be as awesome as it sounds. Although, the price is just for the frame and display. You'll have to buy other component yourself.

Dave Hakkens, the Dutch designer whose modular Phonebloks concept took off after he released a short video online. In this new three-minute video Hakkens visits the team behind Ara and gives us a fresh look at the modular handset. 

We are expecting a lot from this phone. You probably might as well be. So, share us your thoughts about project Ara. We would love to hear what you think.


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